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Hand Painted Heart Incense Bowl • CHARCOAL


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Size: 9cm (at widest point)

A pretty little hand painted incense holder/bowl. Every beautiful brushstroke is visible. Each incense bowl has been sealed which makes them perfect for long term use, as they are easily wiped clean (use a dry or damp cloth).

| Made in India |

In India, scents and rituals co-mingle in the everyday. Incense was first burned in ashrams, monasteries and temples across India and Nepal to aid in spirituality and meditative processes. The spiritually uplifting scent of smoldering incense can help ease the symptoms of stress, anxiety and even depression. 

Make sure your space is well-ventilated. Light the fat end of the incense stick, wait for it to glow and then gently blow out the flame. Place it in your incense holder, sit back and enjoy the wonderful fragrance.

Creativity  Being in the same environment as incense has been linked to heightened creativity. Aromas are also a very powerful emotional memory trigger which can help to stimulate thoughts and creativeness.
Calming down and de-stressing  The inhalation of particular aromas has been found to be an effective method for reducing the heart rate and soothing nerves. They can also cause certain channels in the brain to trigger the creation and release of mood elevating hormones and proteins such as serotonin, which can help ease the symptoms of stress, anxiety and even depression. Burning Incense is an excellent aid to meditation or deep relaxation.
Productivity  Buddhist and Hindu monks have long burned nag champa to help them clear the mind and improve concentration. Increased levels of focus directly correlate with increased productivity. The burning of nag champa has been found to be one of the best scents for this and is ideal for working, studying and similar activities.
Space Clearing Incense has been used for thousands of years to
 to sanctify or purify a space.

When burning incense, it’s important to be mindful of safety. If you’re using incense in a well-ventilated space, you shouldn’t suffer any problems from the amount of smoke that’s produced. And don’t feel a need to burn it all day long. Even half a stick as part of a daily ritual is plenty to brighten or center your mood.

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