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The Surfer Girl Necklace (Watermelon Tourmaline)


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Beautiful • Portable • Purifying • Cleansing • Protective • Wear your favourite crystal on you 24/7 •

•  Length: 18 inches (46cm)
•  Width: Approximately 7mm (stones vary from 6mm-8mm)
•  14k yellow gold-filled 6mm magnetic clasp (ultra strong)
•  Professionally strung in Sydney, Australia
•  Genuine Watermelon Tourmaline stones

The Surfer Girl Necklace is delicate version of our best selling Surfer Boy Necklace.

Bohemian elements are at the forefront of the fine jewellery game, an aesthetic reflected in this beautiful necklace, which holds within it the healing properties of Tourmaline. 

It features genuine Watermelon Tourmaline "chips" and fastens with a 14k gold-filled clasp closure, taking it to the next (luxe) level. Available in classic 18 inch (46cm) length, with proportions that are reminiscent of the Puka Shell necklaces worn by the surfer boys of the 1970s. Every Surfer Girl Necklace comes in a calico drawstring pouch, ready to give.

Layer it with a longer (20-24 inch) gold pendant necklace and choose a free-spirited approach to fine jewels in 2022.

Gold-filled jewellery is much more valuable than gold plated jewellery. It has a much thicker layer of gold on it compared to gold plated jewellery. In fact, “gold-filled” is just one step down from “solid gold” in terms of quality. As long as the piece is well cared for, your gold-filled jewellery will last a lifetime. A gold plated piece would last only months if worn daily.

• Premium quality, designed and initially manufactured over 20 years ago.
• Clasps are self-aligning using 2 very powerful magnets.
• Made in USA and use no glue in their assembly.

Popular but rare • Exhibits pink, white and green colours within one crystal, resembling a watermelon • Resonates with the heart chakra - it will cleanse and get rid of any blockages that reside in your heart • Acts as a balancing crystal • Removes insecurities and amplifies your strengths • Balances your male and female energies • Inspires both practicality and creativity • Helps you achieve your goals by thinking out of the box and being resourceful • Watermelon Tourmaline is known as ‘the gateway to the inner self’ and the ‘super activator’ of your heart and higher heart chakras • Unlocks, cleanses, and eliminates any blockages in your chakras, which will result in relief from stress and an increase in your sense of compassion, sympathy, and empathy • A wonderful crystal for communicating with the Earth and nature spirits • Helps if you feel disconnected from people and out of sorts of the everyday things that you do • Eases feelings of depression and heals emotional wounds.

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