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Jute Rectangular Storage Basket LARGE (Natural)

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Material: Natural Jute, a sustainable plant
Size: 50cm long x 36cm wide x 36cm high (as the sides are flexible, it appears much larger and slightly rounded).

Keeping your house tidy is no mean feat when you seem to acquire “stuff” faster than a speeding bullet.

You can jam it all into a cupboard (out of sight, out of mind, right?), throw it all out (who needs firewood in Winter anyway) or just give up and wallow in the un-feng-shui-like hideousness of it all.

Now a distinctly more neat-freak-y solution has popped up – our Large (oh yeah!) Jute Basket. Throw everything in this super-sturdy basket and your home will positively shine (for at least 4 hours).

Natural? Yep. Handcrafted? Youbetcha. Stylish? Definitely! A practical piece for those who appreciate natural fibres and handmade products. Perfect for storing toys, firewood, laundry or newspapers (and that's just a few ideas).

Tightly woven from premium Jute and hand stitched for durability, they also tick the eco-friendly box, and the natural colours will work with almost any style of decor. 

These Jute Baskets are handwoven by women working within a Fairtrade program in Bangladesh, India. These talented women combine traditional weaving styles with contemporary designs and natural materials.

Made in India

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