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Smudge + Crystal ESSENTIALS Kit (Olivian Jade)


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The Smudge + Crystal ESSENTIALS Kit with Olivian Jade includes:
1 x (Responsibly sourced) Medium Abalone Shell 12cm
1 x Clearing White Sage Smudge Stick 9-12cm
1 x Palo Santo Stick
4 x Premium Grade Tumbled Olivian Jade Crystals 2-3cm
1 x Cotton Drawstring Pouch

The Smudge + Crystal ESSENTIALS Kit with Olivian Jade contains everything you need to begin your smudging journey.

Freeing your home of stagnant energies or "smudging" by burning dried sage, a palo santo stick (or even incense) can be done at any time, but it's a good rule of thumb to do a thorough smudging of your home at least four times a year when the seasons change. You may also wish to smudge your home/living spaces (don't forget your car!) any time it has been compromised by negativity or foreign energies. The same goes for your own body - carefully smudge yourself, concentrating on any areas or chakras that need some extra "help".

Step 1: Place a candle, your Abalone shell and your smudge stick on a table, desk, or counter top. It is best to perform smudging at a time when you will not be disturbed. Allow yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes. 
Step 2: Light the candle and mentally focus your energy or set an intention of your choosing. Light the tip of your smudge stick with the candle, then gently wave the smudge stick in the air until the tip begins to smoulder.
Step 3: You can use a feather if you have one, but it is usually sufficient to simply wave your hand through the air to gently waft smoke where you want it.  Remind yourself to stay connected to your breathing throughout your smudging session.
Step 4: Hold your Abalone shell beneath your Sage stick to catch any burning or glowing herbs. Move in a clockwise direction around your home (usually starting at the front door), and gently wave the smoke into the air as you move. Spend a bit more time smudging the room corners, as they tend to accumulate stagnant energy. Be sure to also open cupboard doors and carefully smudge inside, as well as underneath all beds. Don't forget about spaces such as the laundry and garage.
Step 5: When you have smudged all areas of your home, return to the starting point and gently extinguish your smudge stick by dipping it into a bowl of sand (while applying a bit of pressure).
SAFETY NOTE: Remember to hold the smudge stick over a fireproof container at all times to prevent burning or glowing herbs from falling on the floor as you smudge.

Step 1: Use a candle, match or lighter to ignite your stick and hold it at a 45 degree angle pointing the tip down towards the flame. Allow the stick to burn for 30 seconds to a minute and then blow it out. 
Step 2: Place the stick in your Abalone shell and leave to smoulder, or use it for smudging. If left to rest the stick will smoulder and release smoke for approx 5 minutes. If used for smudging, or you are waiving it around a space, it will smoulder for longer.
Step 3: Say aloud or silently, “I ask that the plant spirit of Palo Santo please bring blessings into the space.” 
Step 4: To bless yourself, the space, or crystals, simply allow the smoke and rich smell of the Palo Santo to fill the room. To fill your space with blessings, start at the front door and walk clockwise through it with your Palo Santo. 
Step 5: When finished, place the Palo Santo stick in your Abalone shell. The glow at the end of the stick will eventually go out on its own.

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