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Frustrated by the lack of affordable, on-trend, quality homewares and decor in Australia, former magazine Creative Director and “Decor Junkie” Louise Bell took matters into her own hands and launched Table Tonic, an online homewares boutique. Stocking a selection of handmade and vintage items including textiles, soft furnishings and jewellery, Louise sources creative, quirky and unusual pieces from Afghanistan, Turkey, Morocco, India, Africa,
Mexico and Australia, with an ever-present emphasis on both affordability and quality.

Louise explains: “I was constantly frustrated and disappointed by the fact that the hottest international interior design and decorating trends only trickled down as far as the high-end retail outlets and decor magazines in Australia. There was simply no way for the middle income earner to achieve a current, on-trend aesthetic in their home. They had no choice but to admire from afar - through the pages in a magazine, in a shop window, or on one of several international online stores who didn’t ship to Australia.”

At Table Tonic, we aim to differentiate our boutique through a heavy focus on well priced, hand crafted homewares and textiles, both new and vintage, most of which are not readily available to the Australian market. Until now!